How to Appreciate Indian Wedding Traditions the Right Way

How to Appreciate Indian Wedding Traditions the Right Way

These days, the big fat Indian wedding (BFIW) has become the norm, and we’ve gotten carried away with the glam of it. With a BFIW around every corner, it’s been hard to remember what’s actually behind the wedding.  As in, what are the Indian wedding traditions that have gotten blended into the background?

You’re so busy planning your Indian wedding and trying to make your Indian wedding perfect and pretty, that you’ve forgotten to feel the emotions of being at your wedding and what Indian wedding traditions actually mean.

As a bride, you want to feel pretty on your wedding day. But pretty isn’t an emotion. Your Indian wedding isn’t going to feel like how your wedding photos will look. Your photos will be stunning but it’ll feel different. Emotions of committing yourself to another person are bigger than you can imagine.  And actually understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing is another thing.

Literally, everything that is done before, during, and after an Indian wedding ceremony (Hindu) has some meaning to it and that’s amazing to think about. Our Indian culture is so rich and our Indian wedding traditions are a true example of that.  

Don’t let your wedding flash before your eyes without actually taking it in.  

Take some time before your wedding to feel the emotions of what you’re in the process of doing and let yourself absorb what’s taking place. It’s something bigger than you can imagine.  

If you don’t do this, it’ll be really overwhelming and you could put your focus in the wrong place.

So, how do you appreciate Indian wedding traditions the right way?

Step 1) Learn
If you’re not that familiar with all of the Indian wedding traditions – learn! Most of us aren’t experts on Indian weddings.  Talk to your parents, relatives, priest, and family friends and learn about them before your big day.  You won’t have time to learn and absorb at your wedding.  If you want to actually take it in and appreciate the meaning, learn about it now.

Step 2) Lead by example
If you want people to do garba at your garba night, get out there and dance. Your guests will follow. People will inevitably model your behavior during the wedding. If you seem stressed out, then your guests might act the same way (and might not dance because of it).

Step 3) Slow down  
This world moves so fast that it’s hard to slow down for two seconds. Like I mentioned before, take a few minutes for yourself to take it all in.

Step 4)  Appreciate
Yes, appreciate by appreciating. Appreciate your culture and Indian wedding traditions for what they are. It’s a new generation and many of these traditions have evolved, but there’s still so much to appreciate. That’s something to remember and always keep in the back of your mind during this whole process.

At the end of the day, you may or may not have a big fat Indian wedding, but either way, it’ll be amazing. Just don’t forget why you’re doing what you’re doing and how your Indian wedding traditions are the foundation of this whole Indian wedding experience.

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