Indian Wedding Pinterest 101: How to Use Pinterest Effectively

In today’s world, you can’t plan an Indian wedding without Pinterest. Well, you can plan an Indian wedding without Pinterest, but why would you? Pinterest offers great ideas, endless inspiration, and DIY’s up the wazoo. Brides even dive right into Pinterest before getting engaged (I did too).  It’s good to gather your ideas and have them ready when you need… Read More

10 Indian Wedding ideas [From a Guest’s Perspective]

I love Indian weddings. What’s not to like – food, drinks, dancing, Aunties and catching up with family and friends. After you plan your own wedding, you start noticing things you never noticed before when you attend other weddings. Plus, you get ideas for other brides!   Recently, I was at my cousin’s wedding in Chicago and it was a… Read More

9 Essential Fusion Wedding Tips To Prepare You For the Unexpected

Congratulations on getting engaged and welcome to the Indian culture! The Indian culture is an amazing whirlwind of traditions and customs but also its fair share of fun. Plus, there’s always something to learn (even for me). And if you’re an Indian bride getting married to your non-Indian fiance, get excited! There’s so much culture to share with your new… Read More

Indian Wedding Hairstyles: What You Need to Know Beyond the Obvious

Planning out your Indian wedding hairstyles should be super easy – just pick out your photos and go, right? I’m sure you have Pinterest pins with ideas, or you’re putting it off until the hair trial (or you’re putting it off until your stylist asks you what you want…at the wedding!). With everything else going on during wedding planning, it’s easy to miss… Read More

10 Indian Wedding Planning Tips (Lessons Learned From My Experience)

These 10 Indian wedding planning tips are essentially what I would want to tell any bride who’s planning her wedding right now and thinking “what should I know?” As I went into wedding planning, I felt like I could conquer the world.  Ok, well not exactly but I was confident enough to get stuff done. Despite that, I learned lessons… Read More

Fusion Weddings: Everything you need to know (and more!)

With South Asians living all over the world, it’s no surprise that fusion weddings are becoming increasingly popular. We’re all trying to make our own wedding unique, but fusion weddings have an extra element of challenge to not only “fuse” two (or more) cultures, traditions and/or religions, but also attempting to please both sides of families. How many events will you… Read More