How to Choose a Breathtaking Indian Wedding Cake

Choosing an Indian wedding cake is one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process. (But what’s “breathtaking” is your personal choice). Some couples opt not to have a cake (and substitute it with a cupcake tower or other desserts) while other couples opt for a grandeur style cake that gets the ooh’s and aah’s. If you decide on a cake,… Read More

How to Create the Perfect Indian Wedding Menu (That Pleases Everyone)

Let’s face it, the Indian wedding menu is probably one of the most challenging parts of Indian wedding planning. Not because you can’t decide on the food, but because nobody can agree on the food.   You want one type of cuisine, your parents want Gujarati food, and your mother-in-law wants Jain Vegetarian food only. And don’t forget, NO MEAT (or so… Read More