How to Create the Perfect Indian Wedding Welcome Bag

How do you create the perfect indian wedding welcome bag?  Anyone can whip up a welcome bag, but certain ingredients make the bags stand out from the crowd.  Welcome bags (or boxes) are perfect for your out-of-town guests.  Pick some of these items or pick them all – it’s up to you! Indian Wedding Welcome Bag Contents Wedding Weekend Itinerary… Read More

How to Take Indian Wedding Trends from Inspiration to Execution

Indian weddings today are a long practiced tradition that’s been around for hundreds of years and passed down generation to generation. Fast forward to the 21st century and these traditions have evolved…quite a bit!   New generations (like us) and even Gen X’ers are all getting married, and everyone follows their own trends. This makes for some hodge-podge Indian wedding… Read More

How to Choose a Breathtaking Indian Wedding Cake

Choosing an Indian wedding cake is one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process. (But what’s “breathtaking” is your personal choice). Some couples opt not to have a cake (and substitute it with a cupcake tower or other desserts) while other couples opt for a grandeur style cake that gets the ooh’s and aah’s. If you decide on a cake,… Read More

How to Design Your Own Indian Wedding Monogram

There’s lots of copycatting with Indian wedding ideas, and it’s hard to stand out of the crowd with a truly unique wedding.  Once a “trend” gets used a few times, it feels old.  The one thing that never gets old is an Indian wedding monogram otherwise called an Indian wedding monogram- it’s an easy way to make your wedding instantly… Read More