Fusion Weddings: Everything you need to know (and more!)

With South Asians living all over the world, it’s no surprise that fusion weddings are becoming increasingly popular. We’re all trying to make our own wedding unique, but fusion weddings have an extra element of challenge to not only “fuse” two (or more) cultures, traditions and/or religions, but also attempting to please both sides of families. How many events will you… Read More

Indian Wedding Vendor Contracts and Why You Need To Pay Attention

When you close your eyes and think about your upcoming wedding (or even when you’re daydreaming), you’re probably imagining yourself walking down the aisle, flowers all around, candles lit along the walkway and a nicely decorated mandap or altar. You smell the air full of flowers and happiness. You’ve waited a long time for this day…. But what if those candles… Read More

Plan your Indian Wedding Reception Layout With Intention

The Indian wedding reception. A seemingly easy part of wedding planning. It seems that it shouldn’t be one of the most important elements to consider for an Indian wedding reception, so couples don’t put too much focus on it until the end. Despite that, the reception layout is a big part of it, and it intertwines with more decisions than you think. … Read More

10 Revealing Places Indian Brides Forget to Look for Help

Indian brides are inundated with information, ads, products, ideas, inspiration, Pinterest mania and just stuff on websites, and you’re always looking for Indian wedding resources. It’s hard to retain information and know what’s useful. And it’s so annoying when you get an irrelevant ad – hey, why I am getting a Verizon FIOS ad right now?! I don’t care about cable… Read More

How to Design Your Own Indian Wedding Monogram

There’s lots of copycatting with Indian wedding ideas, and it’s hard to stand out of the crowd with a truly unique wedding.  Once a “trend” gets used a few times, it feels old.  The one thing that never gets old is an Indian wedding monogram otherwise called an Indian wedding monogram- it’s an easy way to make your wedding instantly… Read More

6 Steps to Blissful Indian Wedding Planning

Blissful Indian wedding planning….Ahh… such a soothing tone to it… <screech>  Let’s face it, everything isn’t always “blissful” while you’re planning an Indian wedding. Every bride has some level of stress during wedding planning and that level of stress manifests itself in different ways. Chances are, it might even carry over to your wedding day – You don’t want your… Read More