How to Save Time While Planning an Indian Wedding

One of the biggest challenges when planning an Indian wedding is simply finding the time to put it all together. Want to know just how you can save time, and find more time, so you can plan your Indian dream wedding with ease? Check out these tips and tricks below and get moving on planning the wedding of your dreams…. Read More

How to Think Like an Indian Wedding Planner (But Not Use One)

We’ve all been there. That feeling of overwhelm – how will I manage to get everything organized before the big day? On top of that, you probably have a day job so you feel like you don’t have enough time to get anything done. Indian wedding planning isn’t easy.The instant fix, an Indian wedding planner? Why not, they plan weddings…… Read More

How to Create a Timeless Indian Wedding

With social media (especially Pinterest), there are waaay too many trends to follow with weddings – especially if you’re planning a wedding in the US (or any other “western” country).  It’s confusing to know what to include. The challenging part is trying to create a timeless Indian wedding that you can look back on in 30 years and have your… Read More

What to Expect as an Indian Wedding Guest

Growing up in the US, I’ve made many non-Indian friends. So it was important for me to help my friends understand wedding traditions and rituals, and know what to expect at an Indian wedding. The best part was that all of them were so excited to be a part of the celebrations and they wanted to learn and understand the… Read More

How to use Technology at your Indian Wedding

It’s tempting to use any and every possible wedding technology “thing” to enhance your wedding events. But with most tech “things” comes the setup and execution. Don’t get sucked into the hype of it all – choose what makes sense for you, and pick a few things that could make your wedding weekend experience more fun for your guests (and… Read More

Indian Wedding Tips: Make Guests Feel Welcome

Indian weddings are all about family and getting everyone together to celebrate an “auspicious” occasion from both sides of the family. Indian families do a great job of hosting on a normal basis, and usually follow through pretty well when it comes to weddings. Let’s face it, as a guest, they all just wanna have fun. Nothing else to it!… Read More

What Every Indian Groom Needs To Do Before The Wedding

The Indian Groom. We know he gets overlooked. Nobody gives a crap about you sometimes because it’s all about your princess, the Indian bride (the only exception is if we’re talking about your baraat vehicle). Look, I was an Indian bride – and even today, I usually say…at “my wedding” we did blah and blah, and then I stand corrected by… Read More

What to Look Out for While Indian Wedding Shopping Online

Indian wedding shopping online can be challenging but it should also be fun.  It’s hard to know where to shop for everything from hair accessories to non-essential cute touches like signs, guest books, etc. First, start out by making a list of things you want to buy for your wedding – including pre-weekend, during the wedding weekend, and after the… Read More