How to Design Your Own Indian Wedding Monogram (or get someone else to do it)!

How to Design Your Own Indian Wedding Monogram

There’s lots of copycatting with Indian wedding ideas, and it’s hard to stand out of the crowd with a truly unique wedding.  Once a “trend” gets used a few times, it feels old.  The one thing that never gets old is an Indian wedding monogram otherwise called an Indian wedding monogram- it’s an easy way to make your wedding instantly unique.

Once a “trend” gets used a few times, it feels old.  The one thing that never gets old is a wedding monogram – it’s an easy way to make your wedding instantly unique.

It adds that extra touch to create an ongoing theme, and can really help personalize your wedding and allow each event stand out on its own, but at the same time connect each event together with your wedding theme.

Plus, you can use your wedding monogram in so many ways. Having a monogram added a special touch to our wedding, and I had a lot of fun finding ways to use it throughout out wedding.  

The added bonus is that you can use your monogram even after you get married!

Here are some pointers before you jump into things:

How do I make a wedding monogram? I have no design experience.
You don’t have to be a graphic designer to come up with a classy monogram that represents you and your fiancée. The first step is finding some fonts you like.  

Look straight in Microsoft Powerpoint or take a look at this site ( for hundreds of font options. When selecting a font, think about how the font could look if you displayed it in a smaller size and a larger size.  

Once you’ve downloaded the fonts you want to test out, start playing around with how you want to display your name.

1) Use Initials Only (SS)

2) Use Initial+Initial  (S&S or S+S) (use a heart instead of a plus sign, or use an ampersand &)

3) Use a Monogram Look   (SpS)

4) Write out full names  (Sarina & Sameer)

If using only initials, write each initial in its own text box in Powerpoint, and then easily move around the textbox, change effects, merge together etc.  

Once you find what you like, save a high-quality version of the monogram as its own file.  That way, you can easily use it in multiple places.

What if I don’t want to bother with DIYing my own monogram?
If Powerpoint isn’t for you or if you don’t want to bother with developing a monogram, try, which is a site where you get tech help with anything and everything (like a custom monogram) for $5. Each designer has ratings and they tell you exactly what they offer.  

Starting at $5, you can’t go wrong!  If you’re picky about your monogram, send the designer examples of fonts that you like so they can stay within your design preferences.  Once you have your monogram file, use it throughout for any of your wedding stationery needs.  Done!

What’s another option for a monogram if I don’t want to pay?
You’re in luck.  There are a lot of places that offer free monograms or logos if you use their design templates.  If you’re not too picky about the colors and fonts, the site Wedding Chicks offers great options.

Where to use the monogram
Now that you have your Indian wedding monogram, you need places to put your monogram. No worries!  Start using your monogram before your wedding and continue using your monogram after your wedding.

Here’s a list of places to use your newly created Indian wedding monogram:

  • Save the date card
  • Cocktail Napkins
  • Customized logo stamp (to use on invitations envelopes, thank you card envelopes, any other “stationery”)
  • Stickers to place on Welcome bags or on goodie bags within the welcome bag (ex: use the sticker to close a bag of candies)
  • On the fabric used during the wedding ceremony (Hindu Ceremony) – we had the monogram embroidered onto the fabric and it is a nice keepsake for us
  • Signature Cocktail menu (read more about how to develop a custom cocktail menu)
  • Reception – spotlight on wall – we had our monogram projected onto the wall during the reception and it looks amazing (in my opinion)!  Definitely something to look into. If this interests you, it’s pretty inexpensive and adds a really nice touch.
  • Favors – depending on what type of favors you get, you can add an image or monogram to it (we used fortune cookies and we were able to write the fortune on the front and use the monogram on the back of the fortune – it turned out pretty cool!)
  • Stamp Embosser – Use it for napkins or on your stationery

As you can tell, I’m a HUGE fan of the custom monogram for weddings. The ideas are endless – the only requirement is to be creative  (or have someone else be creative for you)! 

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