How to Choose a Breathtaking Indian Wedding Cake

How to Choose a Breathtaking Indian Wedding Cake

Choosing an Indian wedding cake is one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process. (But what’s “breathtaking” is your personal choice). Some couples opt not to have a cake (and substitute it with a cupcake tower or other desserts) while other couples opt for a grandeur style cake that gets the ooh’s and aah’s. If you decide on a cake, there are more decisions than meets the eye in making sure that it’s exactly what it should be.

Choosing a Bakery
Choosing a bakery can be much easier than choosing a decorator or a DJ. Venues and hotels usually have bakeries that they already have relationships with or that they recommend. 

Choosing those bakeries can be a better option since the bakery already knows the venue and the logistics for the day will be easier for all parties involved.

Cake Design
Start by perusing every bride’s favorite site – Pinterest! There are so many amazing cake designs out there, and it’s pretty easy to pick out what you like.. well kinda easy. But the strategy of simply picking what you like is usually too good to be true. Consider other factors too [practical factors] before finalizing your design.

Check out our slideshow below to get some ideas on Indian wedding cakes. Read on before deciding!

  • indian wedding cupcakes
    Indian wedding cupcakes
  • Grandeur Indian wedding cake
  • indian wedding cake
    Jeweled Indian wedding cake
  • mehndi indian wedding cake
    Modern Mehndi Indian wedding cake
  • How to Choose a Breathtaking Indian Wedding Cake
    Simple modern mehndi Indian wedding cake
  • modern wedding cake
    Modern Indian wedding cake
  • peacock wedding cake
    Peacock Indian wedding cake

If you want a 5 tier cake, technically you could get 5 flavors – one on each tier. But don’t go overboard. I’d recommend sticking to 2 combinations (3 at the most). Combinations not just you like but combinations you think your crowd would enjoy. Also, if you have other desserts (like a dessert bar), keep in mind what types of desserts you’re getting. 

You don’t want all chocolate desserts because you love them – you want a variety of flavors for your guests to pick from.

Taste the cake
Ok duh – this is pretty obvious but try the cake! Don’t assume the combinations you’ve chosen taste good just because it’s cake and icing. 

If you want to do the cake tasting on your own time (and in the privacy of your own home so you can comment freely), ask your bakery if they’ll pack up the cake for you. 

Cake tasting is the most fun! It is one of the few decisions that isn’t stressful to make.  ENJOY your cake tasting, make it a date night if you want! 

I recommend doing it in the beginning of your wedding planning since it’s a fun way to celebrate your engagement and the start of your life together.

Fondant vs Buttercream, does it even matter?
Buttercream is the most common frosting and tastes so yummy (does that description work)? Fondant looks like play dough that’s so nicely shaped into different designs and pieces for your cake – it feels gummy. 

It works well for flat and smooth surfaces (if your cake design is going to be sleek). It doesn’t work well with piping.

The decision will come down to the style and design of your cake, and the climate. Keep in mind that buttercream is better for indoor venues (with air condition!). If it’s outside, the wind’s breeze could cause random stuff to stick to the debris and the frosting could even melt in hot weather. 

Fondant tends to be more candy-like in flavor, which can work for some.  What you end up with will depend on what design you like. Or, you might want to start with what styles you like (only buttercream) and your baker can suggest certain designs that will work with that.  Your guests will look forward to cake and dessert no matter which direction you go in with the frosting, so don’t stress about it.

Fondant is good for either temperature, and it can be kept at room temperature (and it’s easier to transport). In terms of flavor, who doesn’t like rich buttercream?  Fondant tends to be more candy-like in flavor, which can work for some.

Your bakery will tell you to allocate one slice of cake per person, and that’s one huge piece of cake (think: restaurant sized-piece). If you’re planning an Indian wedding, let’s assume that you’ll have lots of dessert – other pastries and Indian desserts. So, counting one [huge] piece of cake per person doesn’t really make sense.

Think about your guests too. Of all of your guests, assume a small number of them won’t eat cake. So whatever your guest count is, cut down the count for cake based on your other desserts.

Don’t forget the groom’s cakeHow to Choose a Breathtaking Indian Wedding Cake-Pizza Cake
My favorite part! The groom’s cake is a fun way to recognize the groom’s interest and tastes (and even surprise him)! You can have the groom’s cake displayed alongside your Indian wedding cake, or, you could have your groom’s cake as part of another wedding event.

Think about your groom’s hobbies and interests. What does he love that he can’t live without? (Except you of course :)) You could recognize his love for sports, his alma mater, hobby, or anything else. Then, once you’ve brainstormed ideas, do a quick google images search.

Recognize his love for sports, his alma mater, hobby, or anything else. Then, once you’ve brainstormed ideas, do a quick google images search.

On the right is the groom’s cake I had made for our wedding – my husband is a HUGE pizza fan and the bakery made the pizza toppings looks very real!

TIP – Use google images to search for groom’s cake ideas. Copy your images to a word doc and take those to your bakery to see how they can make your idea unique.

Save some cake (and money)
If you have 300 guests, and a 5 tier cake, your bakery will provide additional sheet cakes to accommodate (since the 5 tier cake alone won’t feed everyone). If you’re interested in a groom’s cake, ask your bakery to take one of the sheet cakes and turn it into the groom’s cake.  Get them to do it for free, or they may charge you a nominal decorating fee.

If you’re looking to save money in your budget, this might be a good place to do it.  If you keep your design simple, it’ll cost less. Think about your other desserts before making a decision. If you have a WOW dessert bar, then you might not need a WOW cake, especially if it’s going to get cut up right next to the WOW desserts in the dessert bar.

Colored frosting
A tiny side note – when you look at some the amazing cake designs, you’ll see that many of them have lots of bright colors. Sometimes, when you use too many bright colors together, they dye will be seen on teeth – kinda like when you eat a blue popsicle.

If that bothers you and you don’t want your guests’ teeth to be blue, I’d advise not to use bright colors only. And if that’s not a concern for you, move forward with what you want to do regardless of color.

Cake Toppers
Cake toppers are a way to add a fun touch to your cake. If your cake is an intricate design or theme, you may not even need a cake topper. There are monograms, mini bride and grooms (now they make Indian versions), and other random toppers.

Check out Etsy and Pinterest for ideas. You may opt not to have a cake topper – even with a simple cake, it’s not needed, but can be a nice touch if you want one. Speaking of things on the cake, if you’re thinking of using real flowers on your Indian wedding cake, think carefully.

Petals often fall and flowers could move out of place if they aren’t placed right. Check with your baker first to get their suggestion on what they think.

When to order
It’s best to order the cake about 6 weeks before your wedding date. You can usually make final tweaks up to 2 weeks before your wedding, but this is an easy item to cross off your to-do list if you decide on it early.

Usually the bakery can coordinate with the venue about the cake delivery . When they do deliver the cake, make sure there’s room for it.  Have the venue set up the cake table in advance – the less transporting the cake around, the better.

After the wedding
The top tier of the cake is yours to keep (make sure you choose flavors that you and your groom like!). Saving the top tier of the cake until your first anniversary may not be all that it’s cut out to be.

Even if you carefully pack your cake, freezer burn might be inevitable. Dive into it perhaps a little earlier like on your one month anniversary.

Check out the Pinterest board for more Indian wedding cake ideas – Enjoy!

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