Want to be truly happy on your Indian wedding day? Read these tips.

Want to be truly happy on your Indian wedding day? Read these tips.

Your Indian wedding day will be here in no time! And when it’s here, you’ll be in a daze of the day with the surrealness of it all. The main reason you’re planning all of this is to celebrate the act of getting married. But don’t lose sight of the seemingly minor but important details to remember on your Indian wedding day. Those petty little things are what inevitably will help you become truly happy on your Indian wedding day.

Greet guests

Greeting guests at your Indian wedding seems like an obvious gesture. You’d be surprised. I’ve been to plenty of weddings where there’s no opportunity to even give the couple a hug or say hi! I understand some Indian weddings have high guest counts, but still. There is no excuse not to greet your guests. They are at your wedding, to celebrate you, the couple. The least you can do is say hi, and thank you.

Decide ahead of time which event to formally greet guests. Greetings could be in the form of walking around to reception tables or casually saying hi around the reception hall. At your sangeet night, it could be the same.

Either way, plan it ahead of time so you allocate time in your schedule to do it. Guests want to congratulate you even if it’s a quick hi and congratulations. No need to have long conversations with aunties.

Smile, all the time
Smiling is the last thing you’re thinking about when preparing for your Indian wedding day. That said, it’s probably the smallest, most important thing you can do if you want your wedding photos to look amazing. So many brides worry about the day – and it shows on their face. Their photos from walking down the aisle didn’t show a big smile – it was more of a nervous side smile. You’ll definitely feel nervous in some shape or form on your wedding day, but SMILE. The simple act of smiling will help you feel a bit less stressed out too, and your photos will look amazing.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate. Up to now, you’ve been taking on all of the planning and small details of your Indian wedding planning. Now it’s time to delegate the weekend responsibilities to your maid of honor, bridesmaids, sister, cousin or best friend in addition to other family. Use whoever you trust! Your friends and family want to help, so now’s the time to let them help. Without delegation, you won’t be able to truly enjoy your Indian wedding weekend without worrying. So do it!

Stay calm
Brides naturally get nervous about the big Indian wedding day. There’s so much to be nervous about, but there’s so much to be confident about. You’ve planned everything to this moment. And now you’re going to delegate. So there’s nothing to be stressed about. Now’s the time where staying calm will work to your benefit. Whatever is going to happen will happen.

Put your phone away
All of us are addicted to our phones. It’s something we can’t deny. Your Indian wedding day should be one time where you let go of your phone. Give your maid of honor the responsibility of monitoring your phone. And don’t worry about who is messaging you. They shouldn’t be messaging you in the first place!

Be in the moment
So often I hear brides say their biggest regret at their wedding was that they weren’t in the moment so they didn’t get to truly enjoy their wedding. Remind yourself that you (and others) did all this work so that you can be in this moment and live in it.

Have Fun
It’s your wedding. All of your friends and family from all facets of life are here, with you, to celebrate the single most important event of your life (well, up until this point in your life). After you take in the moment and really take it in, take a deep deep breath and have fun. Seriously, have fun! The weekend will go by so fast and you won’t want to miss out on any of it.

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