Indian wedding pinterest 101-how to use pinterest effectively

Indian Wedding Pinterest 101: How to Use Pinterest Effectively

In today’s world, you can’t plan an Indian wedding without Pinterest. Well, you can plan an Indian wedding without Pinterest, but why would you? Pinterest offers great ideas, endless inspiration, and DIY’s up the wazoo. Brides even dive right into Pinterest before getting engaged (I did too).  It’s good to gather your ideas and have them ready when you need the ideas. Typing “Indian wedding Pinterest” can only get you so far.

As great as Pinterest is, Pinterest can turn into a downward spiral just like our friend Facebook. You look and look for Indian wedding ideas and before you know it two hours pass by. What brides don’t think about is how to effectively use and execute Pinterest ideas and turn the ideas into reality.  

These 7 tips – Indian Wedding Pinterest 101 – will help you set up the right framework to use Pinterest for your Indian wedding so it works to your advantage and doesn’t drive you crazy along the way.

1. Use floral ideas from Pinterest as inspiration only.  Don’t try to reproduce floral bouquets from Pinterest. Think of it like a haircut. You go into your hair salon with Jennifer Aniston’s photo of a long bob (aka lob). You can’t have the exact same haircut, it just won’t look the same on you. Your stylist will cut the look, but depending on your hair thickness and hair type, it’ll look different on you.

The same goes for flowers. Flower availability will depend on season, and even then, your florist will want to use Pinterest photos as inspiration only. They won’t want to use it to exactly copy a design. Use Pinterest to show your florist the types of arrangements you like and colors you like.

2. Categorize your Pinterest Pins so you can easily find your Pins during vendor meetings and throughout the planning process. Think of vendor categories like flowers, decor, dress, favors, etc and Pin by each category. You’ll thank yourself later for being organized. Plus, if you want to print out your Pins (by copying the images onto a word doc), you’ll be able to easily find your Pins.

3. Take out conflicting ideas to help refine your Pins.  I’ve done it. Pinned like crazy and forgot what I Pinned the next day. After multiple Pins, go back through your Pins so you don’t have conflicting ideas.  You don’t want a rustic sign next to a blinged out beaded flower arrangement.  Use your best judgment about what works together and what doesn’t. Remove those Pins (or make a “maybe” board) so you can eliminate ideas you’re not planning to use and it’s less overwhelming.

4. Use Pins to feel the style of what you’re looking for, but not to mimic.  Sometimes we get carried away with copying ideas from Pinterest. Why copy?  Just use the Pins as inspiration. Use elements from a Pin you like, then make it your own.  You want a unique wedding after all, right?

5. Where did you Pin from?  Sometimes we Pin ideas and don’t even click through to the site where the idea came from. Next time, click through. You may find more ideas or decide that the first idea isn’t even what you’re looking for.  

6. Be realistic. Pinterest has endless ideas but be realistic about what you can actually execute from Pinterest. So many Pinterest photos are professional photo shoots and not real weddings.

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7. DIY ideas can look easier than they actually are. DIY’s sometimes look amazing and deceptively cheap. Then, when you go to make the idea, you realize it would’ve been easier to buy the DIY readymade from Etsy.  Read through each step of a DIY before you take it on and estimate time and cost to see if it’s actually worth making yourself.  Check out our post on how to decide what to DIY for your Indian wedding.

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