Indian Wedding Tips: Make Guests Feel Welcome

Indian Wedding Tips: Make Guests Feel Welcome

Indian weddings are all about family and getting everyone together to celebrate an “auspicious” occasion from both sides of the family. Indian families do a great job of hosting on a normal basis, and usually follow through pretty well when it comes to weddings. Let’s face it, as a guest, they all just wanna have fun. Nothing else to it! I’ve compiled a few Indian wedding tips to make your guests feel even more welcome throughout your wedding weekend – event after event.

A Good ‘ol Heart-filled Welcome
Although your family will be meeting and greeting your guests all weekend, it is nice to have an official formal welcome for your guests. It could be a simple coffee hour where you serve coffee, tea and pastries, or it could be a happy hour with wine and soft drinks.  It could even be an official “Welcome Night” on the day that guests arrive. Whatever it is, make sure to welcome your guests in a way that acknowledges your (and your family’s) appreciation for attending.

Have a Special “Welcome” for the Groom’s Family
With the bride’s family being the official “host” family, these days, events come and go so quickly that the groom’s family sometimes gets blended into the mix. So, make some time to make them feel special and welcome to your family’s home.  Prior to the official events, your family could host the groom’s immediate family for a meal, whether it’s a casual non-Indian dinner, or open house lunch. This small effort goes a long way and it sets a nice tone for the rest of the wedding events. It’s also a great way to break the ice (like if there’s any family that’s from out of town and doesn’t know your family).

Tell your Designated Wedding “Team” to Welcome Guests
Although your parents will instinctually welcome guests, it’s important to have your team (siblings, maid of honor, bridesmaids, cousins etc) officially welcome guests. It will make your wedding weekend that much more welcoming, and guests will feel like they are a part of all of the events rather than feeling like guests.

Welcome Bag
A welcome bag is a nice way to provide your guests with some treats and information for the weekend in a fun way. You can give welcomes bags to your guests when they check into the hotel for the weekend or even at your first event. Either way, the welcome bag is a great opportunity to be creative and fun in your own unique way.

Family Gifts
Family gifts are usually customary for Hindu weddings. There are certain gifts for married women, other ladies, gifts from the bride’s immediate family to the groom’s immediate family, and more. The more thoughtful the gift, the more memorable the gift will be to your recipient.  

Personally thank guests for coming (at some point during the wedding events)
The Bride and Groom should make it a point to personally thank guests for coming to their events.  Usually, a good time to do this is at the reception since there might be some down time while guests are eating (before the dancing craziness begins!).  It’s often easier to schedule this time in your timeline to ensure it doesn’t get overlooked.  

You don’t want to make it seem like you’re being fake at any point, so don’t overdo it. Remember, a little goes a long way. Your guests will appreciate these small gestures and it will add to the memorable weekend for all of them.  

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