How to save time while planning an indian wedding

How to Save Time While Planning an Indian Wedding

One of the biggest challenges when planning an Indian wedding is simply finding the time to put it all together. Want to know just how you can save time, and find more time, so you can plan your Indian dream wedding with ease? Check out these tips and tricks below and get moving on planning the wedding of your dreams.

Give It a Good Feeling
Ask the elders in your family to help you plan the ceremonial or traditional parts of the wedding. This can be a great way to give someone something special to remember about your wedding. It’ll save you tons of time, especially if they meet with your priest / officiant instead of you. Regroup with the elder before your big day so you and your fiancé have the high-level ceremony steps down (especially if you’re having a Hindu wedding).  It can get confusing if you don’t know what to expect.  

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Serve Good Food
Indian families pride themselves on our food, so don’t be afraid to ask your favorite Aunty (or two or three) to whip up some samosas (and anything else) for your at-home events. You can use a caterer, but don’t forget the family finger foods and the traditional (or modern) eats. Having your at-home events catered by the women in your family can be a time saver too! Just make sure the menu items are assigned in advance so you avoid duplicates.

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Consider DIY Invites
Planning your Indian wedding invites with a professional printer (or an online vendor from India) can take a lot of time out of your wedding planning schedule. Quite often those gorgeous invites end up in the garbage, even though we’re spending over $1 on postage for some of them! Consider doing your own with a printable invitation suite, will help you save a lot of time, and a good bit of money if you find affordable templates or create your own. Sites like Canva help you create professional invitations (and other wedding stationery).  Make your own professional monogram to go along with all of your wedding stationery.  

Delegate (or Hire A Day Of Planner)
Don’t kill your budget on a wedding planner, but instead, delegate and have a trusted friend or family member serve as your day-of-coordinator so you can enjoy your day.  Or, hire a day-of-coordinator. You don’t want to be fussing over every last detail and stressing over dumb stuff that won’t matter in the end. It’s your wedding day. Even if you end up with a day-of-coordinator, get someone to be the point of contact and keep all the plans in check, so you can have FUN!

Read Killer Material
Forget pricey magazines and TV shows. Why? Because they sometimes show you unrealistic weddings. Magazines are photoshopped and television shows are edited. They give brides a false sense of reality that’ll cause you to downward spiral if things don’t look or go right. Instead, check out photos from real weddings to get inspiration and to get excited for your big day (or weekend), especially if you’re planning a fusion wedding. Check out our Resources Toolbox section for the sites. Or another alternative is listening to a podcast – my current favorite is the Bridechilla podcast (listen on your way to work!)  

So if you’re struggling to find time with planning an Indian wedding, look at less revealing places and places where you can take an alternative route. 

To find even more time you didn’t know you had, check out these tips.

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