How to use Technology for your Indian Wedding

How to use Technology at your Indian Wedding

It’s tempting to use any and every possible wedding technology “thing” to enhance your wedding events. But with most tech “things” comes the setup and execution. Don’t get sucked into the hype of it all – choose what makes sense for you, and pick a few things that could make your wedding weekend experience more fun for your guests (and more exciting for you to see the results of it).

Wedding Websites
Ok – wedding websites might be “old” (or soo 5 years ago in some people’s opinions – not mine) but they’re still a good place to house information about your events as you plan your wedding – including hotel details, event details and timing, photos from your engagement, and anything else you want your guests to interact with.

If you’re using save the date cards, a website is a good place to send your guests from that card – you can have a coming soon page with a few details, or if you have some details, you can add those. Your guests can continue to refer to the website for the latest information as the wedding gets closer. And, after the save the date, you can put your website address in your invitation. If you’re doing online RSVPs, you can house the RSVP link on your website, and then link guests to the website you’re using to collects RSVPs.

Domain Name & Email Registration
If you’re using a wedding website service (like theknot or wedding wire), the URL of your personalized site will usually have their domain name in it (example: samirandpriya.theknot . com). Consider using your name as the domain name – it tends to be easier for guests to remember and refer to. Register it via – they always have coupon codes (google it). In reality, you’ll only use the site for about a year or so unless you want the domain name after you get married.

Don’t forget to claim your joint email address via whatever service you use (Nowadays I assume that 90% of the population uses gmail, followed by 8% yahoo, 1% AOL and 1% Hotmail – but that’s just my guess!).  Use the same name order for your email address as you did for the domain name (samirandpriya @ and samir andpriya. com). You can pop your new joint email address on your website so your guests can easily contact you. Done!

Wedding Apps
Using wedding apps and asking guests to use wedding apps can be less intimidating than you think. It can be a one-stop shop for your guests if you choose not to use a website, or a wedding app can also compliment your wedding website. The thing is, when your guests are at your wedding, they’re looking for information. Even though times of events are listed, guests always want confirmation that they’re going in the right place at the right time. So why not reassure them?

A good way to do that is an app. Some apps can be used simply to capture your guests’ photos throughout the wedding weekend – and the best part is that you can download all of those photos after the wedding (ex: WedPics)! Many of these apps also have registry options – now there are more unique registry options than you can imagine.

A “con” to wedding apps is that in reality, not ALL of your guests will use the apps. Think about your guests and who will be attending. Will your ba use the app? Or your auntie who has a circa 2005 cell phone? If the majority of your guests would use the app, then that’s great – do it! But consider your guests as a whole.

For registries, it’s good to have one option that’s an in-store registry in case any guests don’t feel comfortable ordering online (yes –it’s true– some people don’t use the internet for shopping!).

Recommendations (all of these apps have great websites too):
Appy Couple – Appy Couple app is a one-stop shop that lets you curate content to share with guests, share hotel info and other info related to the wedding weekend. It’s a great option if you want your guests to be social with each other and have one place to look up information.

MyRegistry – MyRegistry is a universal registry. You can use it later for other events. You can add gifts from stores all over the world, and even scan a barcode and add items to your registry while browsing in store. If you want an item from a store and it’s not sold online, no worries. You can upload a photo and a few details about where the item can be purchased. This app also lets you add cash gifts – you can specify what the fund will be for, or not – whatever you like. The nice thing is that you can mix the registry with cash and items.

NewlyWish – Similar to MyRegistry, you can add items from all types of stores, for experiences and even for your home. The added feature is that it allows you to easily share the registry with your family and friends over social networks. The app also features ideas in different categories to get your creative juices flowing.

Wedding Spot – The ultimate tool to stay organized and cost-efficient. Search venues by location, style and by other filters. The site will make suggestions based on your number of guests (within your price range). You can contact and book venues directly from the site (but I’m not sure anyone would feel comfortable booking online for your venue..). Once you have your venue decided, you can manage your guest list, print address labels and even keep track of RSVPs.

Wanderable: Wanderable is the app to use if you want to create a registry for your honeymoon. It gives couples the option of customizing registry pages, allows for group gifting, and even curates unique recommendations.

WedPics: The WedPics app mentioned earlier lets guests take photos that get curated into an Instagram-like photo stream. Users of the app can see each other’s posts during the weekend. After the wedding, you can download the photo files to keep for yourself. We used this app for our wedding and had about 50 people use it overall – that was enough to get some fun photos from the weekend.

Wedding Party: Wedding Party is a mix between Appy Couple and WedPics – it allows guests to upload photos, and lets you inform guests of wedding event details.

Zola: Zola allows couples to pick and choose wedding registry items from different stores and brands. It features both well known home brands (re: KitchenAid) as well as emerging brands. Zola also allows for group gifting including experiences, and you can even set up a fund for guests to contribute to a down payment on your future home.

If you advocate the use of apps for your wedding, remind guests to turn their phones on vibrate during the ceremony or any other times you want silence from the crowd!

Use an Instagram and/or Facebook Hashtag
An Instagram hashtag is a great way to connect everyone’s posts via Facebook and Instagram. You don’t need an app to do this- just make sure to tell your guests about the hashtag at your events.

You can easily make some signs and place them near the entrances of your venues and at guest tables to ask them to use the hashtag. Some ideas: #SamirandPriya or #SamirPriyaWedding2016 or #SamirPriya2016 or your couple name (if it works well) Samir + Priya = Primar..  Not sure about that one, but you can make it work! Or, if you’re confused, check out Wedding Wire’s Hashtag generator tool.

Other food for thought
Go Pro: Go Pro is a great option if you want to document your events on your own, in a fun way. The groom could have it clipped to him while he’s on his baraat “vehicle” as his procession comes into the wedding venue. My friend took it with him on his elephant during the baraat.  You could also have a bridesmaid walk around with it later. Or have a guest wear it while dancing at the reception. The idea is to capture adventurous moments of the weekend in a fun way – the moments that can’t be captured by your videographer.

Selfie Stick:  Oh, the selfie stick! You either love it or you hate it (I went from hate to love really quickly!). I bought mine in Florence from an Indian vendor…  Before you make up your mind, give it a chance. With wedding couple selfies being the new thing, this brings it to the next level so those selfies actually look half decent. You can include groups and it looks like a normal photo.

You could have a few sticks at your reception so guests can take selfies or you could even have the selfie sticks at your cocktail hour and have guests take photos there. You would need a way for them to share the photos (like the new Fuji Polaroid type cameras, or your wedding day hashtag), but after that, you’re set. This is a cost-effective way to add more fun into your events.

We’re living in a time where most people can’t live without their mobile phones and technology. There are so many easy ways to incorporate technology into your wedding, you just have to decide what you like the best. And don’t forget the marketing (you know I wouldn’t!). Check out Pinterest for ideas of how to DIY signs to tell your guests about the tech to use. Or, if you don’t want to DIY, Etsy has inexpensive options to customize signage. Check out our Resources page for stationery sites.

Flipbook Photo BoothWe’ve all experienced photo booths. Now experience the new photo booth – the flipbook photo booth. It’s literally a flip book – made by taping you in a booth. It’s like if you tape a video for 15 seconds and then print it out into a flip book, really cool –  Sounds like fun to me!

RSVP Sites:  Skip the RSVP Card and opt for digital RSVPs. You might have a handful of people confused, but you can always add a phone number as backup.

So with that, I leave you with the assortment of technology options to use for your wedding. If you decide to be bold, do it! If you like the traditional way of doing things like sending invitations with rsvp cards sent back by mail, and no hashtag business, go for that instead!

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